Erica Quam

Erica Quam

Personal development, Leadership Training, and a high level of support for Coaches all season long

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Let's connect!
Let's connect - so I can get to know more about you, find out your goals, and any current challenges you're dealing with. I'll share how I work, and what solutions and support I can provide.

I'll send you an email with more information to look over before our call.


Initial Intake
This initial intake session will begin our work together.

1. Once I see that you've scheduled this session, I will send you an initial intake form.

2. Take some time to fill this out. This is longer than our normal coaching call prep form. Set aside enough time so you can focus and not feel rushed.

3. Return this to me at least 24 hours before we talk - so we can both be prepared for this call.

4. Call me at 360-319-3923 at the time of our call.
Coaching Session
Schedule your monthly calls here if you have signed up for private coaching.


1) Complete your coaching call prep form found in your welcome packet. (If you need me to send you another copy, just let me know!)

This will help us both stay on track and make the most use of our time together.

2) Email with your call prep form 24-hours before our call together - so we can both be prepared.

3) Call me at 360-319-3923 at the time of our call.

I look forward to our call together!
Coaching 911 Session - $60
Do you have a situation that's come up you could really use some support around? Let's find a time to talk. I'll help you get clear on 2-3 action steps you can take to move forward.

1) Schedule time to connect (if you don't see something available right away, send an email to in case I have availability that isn't showing on the calendar)
2) Send me an email with a brief summary of what's going on and any specific questions you have

3) Send this email to me 24-hours before the call (if at all possible)

4) Call me at 360-319-3923 at the time of our call.

I look forward to connecting and seeing how I can support you.

- Erica

The Inner Circle

Monthly Coaching Session with Erica
For your first coaching call (in June) send me your Inner Circle Vision Sheet 24-hours before our call.

For our remaining calls, answer the questions from your call prep form (located in your coaching vault) in an email to Erica and 24-hours prior to our call.

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